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The monument of Caius Vibius

The monument in honour of Caius Vibius.
This monument is a 4 m high monolith dating to the 1st century AD. Two of its four sides bear an inscription, which refers to the career of the Roman officer Caius Vibius Quartus. There is no proof, however, that his grave actually lies underneath.

C(aius) Vibius C(aii) f(ilius)
Cor(nelia) Quartus
mil(es) leg(ionis) V Macedonic(ae)
decur(io) alae Scubulor(um)
praef(ectus) coh(ortis) III Cyreneic(ae)
trib(unus) leg(ionis) II Augustae
praef(ectus) [---]
Caius Vibius Quartus, son of Caius,
from the Cornelian tribe,
soldier of the fifth legion of Macedonia,
decurion of the wing of Scubules,
commander of the third regiment of Cyrenaica,
military tribune of the second legion of Augustus, commander...

According to L. Heuzey, “a superstition attaches to the white powder that is obtained by scratching the marble of Dikili Tash the ability to give milk in nursing mothers: it has been devoured by the knives of villagers …; over half of the inscription has been destroyed in this way” (L. Heuzey, H. Daumet, Mission archéologique de Macédoine [1876], p. 45).

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